The European Business Review: Alejandro Betancourt Continues to Transform Hawkers an International Fashion Company

Online and Social Media

Hawkers was one of the early businesses to benefit from Facebook advertising. Their Facebook ad campaigns increased sales and popularity. The company now has more than 6.6 million likes to rank as one of the most popular fashion companies on the social media platform.

Celebrity Endorsements & Brand Tie-Ins

Hawkers sunglasses have been used by companies such as Kia, PayPal, Smart and Mercedes-Benz and the fashion sunglasses are regularly worn by a host of celebrities, including renowned football player Leo Messi, who has developed his own line within the Hawkers brand. Other celebs include Usher, Felipe Massa, Dani Alves, Paula Echevarria, Nicky Romero and Fernando Verdasco. The company also has a sponsorship agreement with the Los Angeles Lakers.

About Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez had early success as an entrepreneur. His asset management fund, O’Hara Administration, has investments in several companies, including Hawkers. His 20 million Euro funding raise led Hawkers to be named one of Spain’s top 10 startups in 2018. O’Hara Administration also has investments in Pacific Exploration & Production Corp, the largest independent oil producer in Latin America. Betancourt Lopez owns 20% of the company.



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