Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s Hawkers Sunglasses Featured on HypeBeast

Ramping Up from an Initial Investment of $300

Betancourt Lopez invested in the company in early 2016, leading a funding round worth approximately $56 million — including investments from social networking app entrepreneurs Félix Ruiz and Hugo Arévalo — all of which helped to rapidly scale the company up.

Refining the Social Media Strategy

Betancourt Lopez worked with Alex, David, Pablo, and Iñaki to revamp the business’ marketing strategy. The company began a renewed push to concentrate on college student social media influencers. (The company’s target millennial demographic is typically a bit older, but still in their mid-to-late twenties.)

Additional Marketing Efforts

In 2018, Betancourt Lopez increased his investment in Hawkers by another $21.7 million, making him the biggest shareholder, with a greater-than-50% stake in the enterprise. That year, Hawkers was named one of Spain’s Top 10 startup companies. Betancourt Lopez also convinced the firm’s founders to outsource production of the company’s sunglasses, leveraging his business connections to allow the company to make its products more affordably, without losing control over the manufacturing process. Additionally, Betancourt Lopez coordinated partnerships with Spanish apparel label El Ganso and brands such as KIA, PayPal, Sony, Smart, and Mercedes-Benz, helping Hawkers to be perceived as more of a fashion concern.

The Future for Hawkers

Betancourt Lopez foresees the company expanding further to even more countries (it currently sells in at least 50) and forming additional partnerships with shoe, clothing, and jewelry brands. He feels that new celebrity endorsements will also be beneficial. Hawkers now has a line of environmentally friendly sunglasses that utilize recycled materials, including plastic bottles scoured from the world’s oceans, and biodegradable components, including the lenses, frames, and packaging.



Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, President of Hawkers Co. | International businessman, based in London, UK | http://www.alejandro-betancourt.com/

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