Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt López’s Strategy for Transforming an Idea into a Success Story

Early Life and Career

Betancourt was born in 1980 in Caracas, Venezuela, where he grew up. He moved to the U.S. during high school and also attended college there. Betancourt graduated from Suffolk University with a major in Economics and specialty in International Trade.

Auro Travel

Betancourt became interested in the ride-sharing sector after observing Uber’s rapid success after it was founded in 2009. Personal transportation is a mature industry, but Betancourt saw how Uber had the potential to disrupt it by taking market share from established players. He says this trend is occurring in many markets and is indicative of the way technology is transforming the business world. As result, Betancourt primarily invests in technology-based companies.


Hawkers is a sunglasses company founded in 2013 and based in Spain. Betancourt became the president of the company in 2016, when it was worth about $60 million. One of the keys to Hawkers’ success is networking with celebrities and brands. For example, the company was able to persuade stars like Hip Hop singer Usher to wear its sunglasses in public, causing them to sell very quickly. Hawkers has also collaborated with major brands like Mercedes-Benz, the LA Lakers, Lewis Hamilton and PlayStation.

Future Success Story

JobandTalent provides a strong example of Betancourt’s strategy for turning an idea into a success story. This company was originally just a staffing marketplace when Felipe Navio and Juan Urdiales founded it in 2009. JobandTalent’s mission is make the labor market more fluid by eliminating barriers to the job search and hiring processes. Its platform is based on proprietary technology that matches jobseekers with businesses more quickly than its competitors.



Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, President of Hawkers Co. | International businessman, based in London, UK | http://www.alejandro-betancourt.com/

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