JobandTalent Investor Alejandro Betancourt Lopez on Company’s Growth in 2021

JobandTalent is a workforce-as-a-service platform that connects temp workers with employers. Based in Madrid, the company recently added $108 million during its Series C round, bringing the company’s total up to $290 million since its 2009 debut.

The Growth and Expansion of JobandTalent

JobandTalent reports more than 80,000 people have successfully used its apps to secure temp gigs. The company operates in Spain, the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Colombia, and Mexico and employers include eBay, Bayer, Huawei, and XPO. While not the only company competing in this market, JobandTalent has established a strong foothold, one that was made possible by early investors like Alejandro Betancourt Lopez.

The number of people looking for temporary work doubles every year for the company and it reports being on track to hit positive EBITDA. With annual revenue having grown to more than $568 million and a very successful Series C, the company plans to expand to the US and across Latin America. Co-founder Juan Urdiales says that the main sectors of the company are transport, warehouse, and logistics.

Why the Company Is Attracting Interest

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has seen the demand for temp work skyrocket during the pandemic. Industries are transforming at a record pace right before our eyes and the adoption of new technologies in the last few months has been extraordinary.

People are moving away from brick-and-mortar establishments and putting their faith in platforms backed by hard data and lightning-fast responses. In addition to more open-mindedness in the markets though, JobandTalent has become popular by focusing on the needs of the workers and employers.

Many people are hesitant to accept temp work. They might fear the exploitation of employees or the general degradation of loyalty on either side. JobandTalent is working to combat these anxieties by building in benefits for employees and ensuring that employers get the facts they need to make better hiring decisions.

Betancourt Lopez was drawn to the forward-thinking business founders precisely because they were conscientious entrepreneurs who could anticipate stumbling blocks ahead.

The Beginning of the Journey

Even though it’s been around for several years now, JobandTalent views itself as at the precipice of market growth. It’s already gone several iterations before finding a way to meet the needs of SMEs. Now, it’s looking at a potential labor pool of 500 million temp workers around the world.

The average gig platform can’t offer a full suite of benefits to workers, nor does it allow them to sign a contractual guarantee of future shifts. Workers are classified as self-employed even while being micromanaged by household names. In other words, the average platform can’t compete with JobandTalent.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez says that the company is meeting the needs of a rapidly evolving way of doing business. “The world population is constantly growing. Regulation is changing all of the time.” There’s going to be a spiking need soon that JobandTalent will be ready to fill.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and Gig Workers

This investor is known for spotting opportunities in the market before other people can, and he’s not afraid to take a risk. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is also the founder of Auro Travel, a company similar to Uber that will rely on gig workers to operate. While there’s been a break in demand because of the pandemic, Auro is well positioned to become a sensation as the world gets back to normal.

Betancourt Lopez’ work is rooted in understanding where trends are pointing. Before Instagram was downloaded to everyone’s phone, he was already using it to promote his fashion investments. When Uber came onto the scene, he purchased vehicle licenses in anticipation of demand in Spain. Betancourt Lopez understands how the labor markets are changing and invests and fosters entrepreneurs who do too.

People look for temporary work for any number of reasons. However, no matter why they first try a platform, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and the founders of JobandTalent believe temp work can be an important step or stage in a person’s career.

Whether it’s a retiree who wants to drive a few hours a week or a young professional just starting out, it can be one of the most rewarding decisions an individual can make. In addition to its stellar technology and employer perks, JobandTalent will continue to look toward investors like Betancourt Lopez to ensure that this message is coming across.

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