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Embracing Innovation and the Diversity of the New

The career of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is one marked by adaptation and innovation. Armed with two undergraduate degrees (economics and business administration) from Massachusetts’s Suffolk University, Betancourt returned to his native Venezuela — he is the great-grandson of Hermógenes López, who was briefly president in the late 19th century — and began working in the oil industry. As he advanced professionally, he came to increasingly embrace new technologies and expand his expertise into the sustainable-energy sector. And as he embraced life as an entrepreneur, he went onto diversify his portfolio into other fields, including finance and cutting-edge retail products.

O’Hara Administration

After founding and leading a business to a prominent role in the energy-production sector, Betancourt decided to explore new opportunities by founding O’Hara Administration. It’s an international asset management company with a stake in a wide range of investment vehicles, including two other companies that Betancourt is active in, Pacific Exploration & Production Corporation (formerly Pacific Rubiales Energy) and Hawkers.

BDK Group

This has led Betancourt into being active in developing banking service in Africa, including holding a major stake in the Banque du Dakar (BDK), based in Senegal and serving French-speaking Africa. The bank was created by a group of international investors who saw the need to create an economic engine in the sub-Saharan region.

Pacific Exploration & Production

A major investment in 2015 by O’Hara into Pacific Exploration & Production was a throwback to Betancourt’s early days in the oil industry. It was already a major Latin American oil company when he became director of its board after acquiring approximately 20 percent of its stock. He has overseen continued growth as it has expanded into Peru, Mexico, and Venezuela.


Speaking of taking aggressive risks — and unlike his investment into an industry with which he was deeply familiar with Pacific Exploration & Production — in 2016 Betancourt partnered with several Spanish investors and infused 50 million euros into the sunglasses startup Hawkers. He became president of the company in November of 2016. The goal is to make the company a force in international fashion.


Though still under the age of 40, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has built a vibrant career based on his investment in and management of diverse holdings. Recognizing the power of new technologies and innovation to impact established business models, he is forging ahead with initiatives cutting across industries and business models.

Connect with Alejandro Bentacourt Lopez

President of Hawkers Co. | International businessman, based in London, UK | Learn More: or

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