Alejandro Betancourt: Why Flexibility and Adaptability Are Keys to Success


Adaptability and flexibility were crucial to Betancourt’s transition from energy to technology. He believes that entrepreneurs must understand how quickly the world is changing, including its markets, culture and technology.


The Hawkers story provides another example of Betancourt’s adaptability under adverse conditions. Betancourt became involved with Hawkers in 2016, when the company was struggling financially despite annual sales of about 60 million euros. As a result, the company was unable to expand into the larger markets necessary for its long-term survival.

Auro Travel

Betancourt founded Auro Travel in 2017, after Uber began succeeding in its ride-sharing business. He saw that a huge market existed for these services in Spain, although the number of vehicle owners who could enter the market in that country would be determined by the relatively small number of commercial driving licenses available in that country. Betancourt adapted to this limitation by purchasing 2,000 of these licenses long before he needed them. Not only was Auro Travel successful in filling the ride-sharing market in Spain, but it was also able to sell the licenses it didn’t need to other companies.

Betancourt’s Latest Investment

Betancourt’s involvement with JobandTalent illustrates his flexibility with investments. Juan Urdiales and Felipe Navio founded this company in 2009 as an online job search platform. Like similar companies at that time, JobandTalent could find job openings online by performing a Google search and making recommendations based on the user’s criteria.



Leopoldo Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, President of Hawkers Co. | International businessman, based in London, UK |

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