Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has, over the last decade, expanded his career by focusing on passionate investing in a wide range of concerns-with an embrace of new technology being a common theme across his portfolio. From expanding existing retail concerns with branding strategies driven by social media to creating new platforms for workers and employers to find one another, Betancourt has found ways to expand economic development in these uncertain economic times by harnessing the power of innovation.

This includes one of his current projects that he’s most passionate about, the online staffing agency Jobandtalent. He was an early backer and…

Hawkers Co. started with four friends and a dream of owning their own business.

After a few attempts at different ventures, the founders would stumble upon fashion eyewear from California. Reselling a brand of sunglasses called Knockaround eventually led them to pivot to retail as their sole endeavor.

We’ll look at how the company progressed over the years and why the founders eventually called in investor Alejandro Betancourt Lopez to help. Known for his impressive business acumen and forward-leaning vision, his ideas were able to get the company back on track.

The Early Years

Hawkers began in 2013, and it wasn’t long before…

The financial success of Hawkers Co. was like that of many other startups. Instead of being a straight line to profits, it turned out to be less linear than the founders might have liked. We’ll look at where the sunglass company started, why the founders brought in Alejandro Betancourt, and how his skillful maneuvers brought the company to where it is today.

From Tech to Fashion: The Trajectory of Hawkers

is a popular sunglass brand around the world, but many people don’t know that it originally started as a tech company. A few friends in Spain wanted to create a…

With more competition than ever before, startups today have to be ready for anything. It was a lesson the founders of Hawkers Co. would learn after making it big with their fashionable sunglasses. As it turns out, they would need more than just strong retail sales.

When the company needed some serious guidance, the founders of Hawkers looked for someone they could trust. Alejandro Betancourt made a name for himself with his international investment group O’Hara Administration, and it was his business savvy that turned the company around. …

An initial purchase of a few hundred dollars’ worth of exotic sunglasses for a quick turnaround has turned into one of the more interesting business and branding success stories of the last decade.

Today, Hawkers brand sunglasses are seen and enjoyed worldwide. The high-quality glasses with interchangeable lenses have proven popular with all levels of users, from those who want basic eye protection to models and performers who want to look great and accessorize well.

The company has been valued at more than $60 million and sells sunglasses worldwide in a market that was fairly unchanging less than a decade…

Nearly a decade ago, four young entrepreneurs and friends from Spain worked together to launch a website called Saldum. They envisioned the website as a thriving secondhand market where people could buy and sell anything below retail cost. Eighteen months into the venture, Saldum had not even reached 50 sales.

Discouraged but not willing to give up, Pablo Lozano, Iñaki Soriano, and brothers David and Alejandro (Alex) Moreno began doing part-time eCommerce work on the side to finance Saldum. They soon discovered that their customers were earning more in sales each month than what they had charged them to get…

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is more than just a wealthy, educated entrepreneur. The Suffolk University graduate has bachelor’s degrees in both business administration and economics. Betancourt is the founder of O’Hara Administration, an asset management company, and President of Hawkers Company.

Hawkers is a company that produces stylish sunglasses which are fitted with polarized lenses. The business began when four young visionaries from Spain invested $300 into reselling sunglasses they found in California for profit using the internet.

The sunglasses, which sold exclusively online, sold quickly and were in high demand. …

What started as a $300 investment in a few pairs of sunglasses is now a massive multinational business taking on the biggest players in the eyewear industry.

Hawkers has transformed itself from a small regional reseller to the third-largest sunglasses company in the world.

Betancourt Lopez has made shrewd investment choices throughout his career that have driven profits for multiple companies, and he has masterminded a strategy that continues to pay dividends. As the company continues to grow its core business, it is expanding into related product lines that are likely to find the same levels of success.

Hawkers Today

Today, Hawkers Co. has sold millions of sunglasses at impressive margins, but its origin story is far more humble. In fact, much of the company’s financial success came down to bringing the right people into the mix. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an investor with vision — one who brought plenty of ideas to the founders of Hawkers just in time. Learn more about how he got involved with the brand and the tactics he used to get the company on the fast track.

Starting in Spain

Hawkers Co. began with four friends in Spain who originally had the idea to start their own…

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has spent a big part of his life getting excited about products or services and then figuring out how to share this enthusiasm with others.

The longtime entrepreneur from Venezuela is a big believer in the greater good. That’s why he came “home” with degrees in economics and business and started looking for projects he could support financially, especially those that benefit his country.

His track record included a bank, an oil company, and an internet company. He co-founded an energy firm that helped bring thermonuclear power to his home country. …

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

President of Hawkers Co. | International businessman, based in London, UK | Learn More: or

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